Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Facts about Indonesia

Interesting facts Indonesia
map Indonesia

Indonesia is home to 35cm miniature deer, fish that climb trees to catch insects and spiders that catch and devour small birds in giant webs.
Miniature deer

Ape-man...Java is one of the earliest places in the world where ape-man lived. The skull of an ape-man who lived at a time when most of Europe was under ice was discovered here.

Population...Indonesia has the fifth largest population in the world(+-180million) which equals the combined population of all other South East Asian countries.

Indonesia An ethnological goldmine...the variety of ethnic groups is unparalled anywhere else in the world(316 ethnic groups).

Indonesia Volcanoes...Indonesia sprawls through a part of the western pacific known as the "Ring of Fire". With over 400 active volcanoes, there are over 3 earthquakes per day.
Gunung Merapi

Size...Indonesia has a total of 5million km2. One million more than the USA, although only 2 million km2 are land.

Indonesia Islands...Three of the ten largest islands in the world are found here.
Climate...Wet season is Nov - March and hot season May to October.

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