Friday, October 23, 2009

Viet Cong

  1. The Vietnamese film industry has been honoured at film festival and award ceremonies around the world. The prizes attained include the Golden Lion for best film awarded by the Venice International Film to Anh Hung Tran´s Cyclo (1995) ; the Jury Prize awarded by the Sundance Film Festival to Tony Bui´s Three Seasons (1999); and the Grand Jury Prize awarded by the Pusan International Film Festival to Luu Hynh´s The White Silk Dress Press (1999).

2. More than 20 million people in Vietnam ride a bicycle.
Photo: Vietnam
Two-wheeled traffic still takes priority in Hanoi, where cyclists glide past an architectural legacy of French colonialism.
Photograph by Justin Guariglia
3. Vietnam is about 8 times the size of Switzerland.

Images of graceful girls in national charming long dress impressed you? Vietnam not only has ao dai but also other dresses you ever want to find out like ao yem, ao tu than and more.

5. Vietnamese Literature

Parallel and deeply interacting with other cultural aspects, the Vietnamese literature came into being at an early date, including two major components - oral literature and written literature.

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